Effi´s Ausstellungen

Jüngstenklasse (6 bis 9 Monate)


16.02.2019 - VV2

Jugendklasse (9 bis 18 Monate)


23.06.2019 - SG4



23.06.2019 (Jugendklasse)

LCD Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung in Gelsenkirchen


Richterin: Mac Percival (GB)


Bericht: 11 months old yellow, good pigmentation + good stop, nicely balanced head and neaty ears, would prefer straighter tailset, good depth and spring of rib, well muscled, mores slightley wide in the front, but with drive


Bewertung: SG4




16.02.2019 (Jüngenklasse)
LCD Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung in Herne
Richterin: Christine Bailiss (GB)
Balanced throughout feminine head her eyeshape and colot are excellent nice layback to her shoulders good spring of rib short coupled good rear qauartes and meved well
Bewertung: VV2